Naming a Blog

51376559 - paw print with shadow over heart shaped backgroundI am taking a two week online class on how to write a successful blog. One of the suggestions was to make sure to use the right title and sub-titles for your blog. Seemed pretty simple to me, but then I started thinking about our blog and the name, The Pooch Tales.  It was a play on dog tails, but about funny and tender dog stories, or “tales.” We love to share all the funny doggy daycare stories from over the years when we owned Playful Pooch in Denver. Everyone who knows us always said, “You should write a book” as we bored them with all the funny but sometimes sad stories we had during the seven years as owners of our daycare and boarding facility.

So our new title and sub-title is, “Dog Tales, Loving Life with Our Dogs.” Remember that this blog is about stories of all types of dogs, whether they are our own, or the thousands of dogs that we nurtured at The Pooch or just any old dog we meet along the way. We love them all! We hope to educate, share interesting information and thoroughly entertain you, along with shedding a few tears.

Like, follow and share it with your friends and feel free to make comments or suggestions for new story ideas. Everyone loves a dog story!



  1. yeah, sub-title could include “dog tales,” but perhaps a reword of the 2nd part. “our” dogs sounds like your dogs–not necessarily ALL the dogs you’ve cared for…and, btw, I have a Bichon Frise. we named her Frosty.


    • Such a cute name for your pup. We had a newsletter at our facility that was called Dog Tales, little stories about some of our guests so we decided to keep the name. Thanks for the input!


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