10 Most Unusual Dog Names

IMG_0323We struggled for at least 24 hours trying to come up with cute names for our new puppies, you know like Bonnie & Clyde, or Bella & Beau, or Roxie & Rufus. Then the little male runs into Will’s arms for the first time and Will calls out lovingly “Oscar” as he snuggled contentedly. Where did that come from? It wasn’t on the list of top 100 names that we had studied the night before we picked them up.

So I thought it would be fun to do a list of the Top Ten Most Unusual Dog Names, and here we go!

Alma – meaning smiling soul
Anxiety – we’ve met a few of those dogs
Blogger –  I can identify with him
Chai – meaning life
Danger – we definitely met a few of those guys at The Pooch
Fat Boy – must be a Lab
June-Bug – I kind of like this one
Mail-Chito –  meaning big storm
Odor – hmmmm
Piggly Wiggly – wasn’t that a grocery store

So share with me the unusual names of dogs you love and all your favorite names


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