Puppy Boot Camp

IMG_1293We’ve had our pups for a couple of months and they are now 4 1/2 months, still not house broken.  It’s about to break us for sure.  We’ll spend an hour outside in the mornings before it gets toasty, and little Miss Roxie will run right in and delicately squat and pee on the tile floor.

They do fine overnight in their kennels, with no accidents at all, but when we let them out to run around they go crazy.  They have had the same freedom our older dogs had and we keep forgetting that they are BABIES!  Little tiny pups that think its much more fun to pee inside where its cool instead of the baking temperature of 108 here in Phoenix.  I would too if I was a dog.

We have decided to have a Puppy Boot Camp at our place for the next three weeks, complete with new treats which they adore.  They are soft little bites of salmon, lamb and fruits, and they do backflips over them.  They are much cheaper at Amazon than our local pet store, so press here to try some for your pup! Wellness Bites

Bright and early tomorrow morning, we’ll be armed with the Wellness Bites and a clicker and we’ll start walking them every 30 minutes or so, then time in their crates with playtime limited to only when we can watch them every minute. We’ll keep you posted on how Boot Camp is going and don’t forget to check out Amazon for pet supplies.Amazon Pet Supplies


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  1. whoa! 4 1/2 mos and still not housebroken? they have the ability at this point with appropriate muscles. hope your boot camp works! i’m wondering if the problem might be that you have 2 puppies–easier to train with only one–fewer distractions(?)


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