The Results Are In!

Today we found out what kind of dog Oscar is, with Roxie’s results not in yet. We decided to spend a few bucks and ordered Wisdom Panel DNA kits from Amazon to see what kind of dogs our little crazies are. Everyone always asks because they are so tiny and cute, but so different looking. Roxie has a short smooth coat and a little round head and tiny little eyes. She is independent and feisty with Oscar, yet sweet and loveable with us, cuddling right up along our sides with her nose buried in our armpits.

Oscar is an absolute fuzz ball with a coat like Velcro, cleaning everything up as he runs around. He looks like a canine lint brush with various bits of trash sticking out from everywhere. He is playful, yet rather chill most of the time, preferring to lay off by himself but close enough to keep an eye on us. He is super dependent on Roxie and goes bonkers if he can’t see someone.

How can these dogs be related?  Oscar is half again as big as Roxie! And yet we feel sure they are based on how bonded they were when we adopted them at two months. Their play style is different, one barks like crazy when left alone, the other one could care less, curled up in a ball as soon as we leave. One loves snacks, the other one loves food. Thus the reason for sending in the DNA kits.

The suspense built as I opened the email up. It was filled with volumes of information, page after page of how they came up with their conclusions. Pages of illustrations and information about the various breeds that make up Oscars DNA.  Very impressive and I highly recommend using this company for DNA analysis. I checked around and the cheapest place to buy it is through Amazon, no surprise at all.

And now the results….drum roll please! Oscar is 25% Cocker Spaniel, 12.5% English Spaniel, 25% Miniature Poodle, 25% Pomeranian and the rest is just a mix. So he’s officially a Cockapoo, exactly what our veterinarian thought he was three months ago when he and Roxie were brought into their office.  We’ll just listen to Jen the next time and save $75.

To be continued….




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