Puppy Boot Camp Triumph!

It’s been a week since we started Puppy Boot Camp at our house. Our puppies housebreaking routine was not working at all. At about 4 1/2 months, Roxie and Oscar had left us frazzled and frustrated the past two months. It’s hard to believe they should be trained by now because they look so tiny, smaller than any dogs we have ever owned.

So we decided it was time for drastic measures at our house, and our friend and dog trainer Ana Melara gave us some really simple but very time consuming instructions. For those of you not following this series, you can read our first post at Puppy Boot Camp.

We have been running the pups outside on a regular basis, and we start before the sky is even light, sometimes wearing my nightgown. The last few nights we have just slept in our clothes so we can bound out of bed at the first little bark when they let us know they are ready to go. Will has realized that when they start biting at his hand, they need to go NOW! We have removed all treats inside the house, and if they want any goodies, they have to be successful in their outside endeavors.

We used the Unique Natural Products 206 Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator yesterday on the floors in the main part of the house, and then followed up with grout sealer. We wanted to make sure if they have any accidents in the future that the sealed floors will keep anything from lingering around and attracting them back again.

We still have a couple of more days of working on this project, but the great news is that the pups are doing great with their new routine and so are we!




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