Dog Days of Summer

img_1640We are getting ready to leave Phoenix for the summer and the weather is setting records. It is supposed to hit 120 by next week. This is a screen shot from my phone last night. It’s all over the news here in Phoenix, where it’s always hot in the summer but never this hot.  This morning they are saying it could possibly hit 122!  “It’s a dry heat,” everyone from Phoenix says. Holy cow! Denver, here we come.

img_1635We were sitting outside Sunday night having dinner and I remarked about how pleasant the temperature was that night.  It was 91 at 7:30 pm. I have acclimated to the Phoenix weather but only to a certain degree….not 120+.

Our pups take one step outside in the afternoon and evening and say politely,” No thanks, we’ll poop inside.” Actually they have been perfect little pups, paragons of potty training with no accidents at all. I wouldn’t blame them if they change their ways in the next week, the heat is shimmering off the driveways and sidewalks. Thank goodness they aren’t outside long enough for this to happen to them.




  1. we lived in Goodyear and I remember celebrating any morning when I woke up and the temp was under 90. I hiked those wonderful trails around Goodyear, with my dog in Feb/March. We had people stopping to offer the dog water–not us–the dog. she did fine. I do remember, however, the day I went to PetSmart to get her something and met a lady walking her medium size dog in the parking lot–pavement had to be 200 degrees–wearing booties. even then, I wondered how the dog stood the burn coming thru the booties.

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