Out of Africa

When we were just starting our business, Playful Pooch Dog Daycare & Boarding in Denver, we were thrilled when a customer came in with two dogs.  Especially when it was two innocent looking little dogs that would be staying with us for two weeks while the owners flew off to Africa.

We felt like we had hit a jackpot!  One was an older Bischon named Ben and the other one was a feisty Jack Russell Terrier named Maddie. I quickly did the math in my head and we welcomed them with open arms.

Ben was an absolute dream and we fell in love with him instantly. Maddie barked at everything that passed by, even a flea would set her off, a shrill, nails-on-a-chalkboard bark that made your eyes hurt.

The two weeks passed by quickly and we were anxious to collect our $1,000, the biggest customer bill we had ever had in our short time of business. The owners didn’t call or come by to pick up their pooches on the scheduled day.

Three weeks went by and I have called and emailed everyday to find out what was wrong. Another week goes by and I know their plane has crashed in the middle of a jungle in the Sudan.

We are heartbroken, we now have two precious dogs staying with us and their owners are dead.  Whatever should we do with them? We can’t keep them ourselves as we have two dogs of our own that would not want a new brother and sister.  And I would shoot myself if I had to listen to Maddie bark 24 hours a day.

One day a red convertible Mercedes pulls up and the owner strolls casually through the front door. I almost threw my arms around her and burst into tears at the sight of the lost, and now found owner! I was overjoyed that she was alive and looking very well.

She paid her $3,000+ bill for their lodging and food, since they ran out after the first two weeks.  I hated to meddle with her private business, but I was too curious to hold back. “What happened, did you guys have an accident? Did you get kidnapped? Did an elephant trample you and break your foot?

Nope.  She just hadn’t gotten around to picking them up.  Too busy getting manicures and pedicures and driving her red convertible Mercedes around.




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