Hot Dogs

IMG_0836The news is full of stories about dogs dying from the extreme heat this summer. There are owners that leave their dogs outside chained up to a tree without shade and water. There are owners that take their dogs for walks on asphalt and concrete, severely burning the pads of their feet. These owners should NOT be owners. I feel sorry for their dogs and hope a neighbor will get involved and call the authorities.

As Doggy Daycare owners, we took great efforts to keep our pooches safe during extreme weather conditions. We kept them inside at all times from 10 am to 2 pm, the peak heat time of a summer day. We had misting devices under our three covered 10 x 20 canopies, keeping the dogs shaded and cool. We used sprinklers and hosed down the outside turf all throughout the day keeping it clean and cool.

We used a special paw protecting wax, Musher’s Secret, on the big dogs or any dogs with sensitive paws. Our staff diligently watched for any signs of discomfort, limping, panting, or lethargic behavior. Some days we only let them outside long enough to do their business and had them play in the inside playgrounds.

Make sure your Doggy Daycare can provide all these services. Ask questions about how they handle the heat in the summer or the blizzards in the winter. If your dog stays at home all day, make sure you follow these same recommendations.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep them cool and comfortable in this blistering heat. If it’s too hot for airplanes to fly, it’s too hot for your dogs to be outside.


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