Crazy Kodiak

We met many wonderful customers during our seven years as owners of The Pooch in Denver. I loved chatting with them every day when they dropped their dogs off for daycare or overnight stays. They became our good friends, and they comfortably shared personal happenings in their lives.  

One couple was from Fairplay, a tiny town almost two hours from Denver, on a two lane road that wound through Breckenridge, a beautiful ski town known for its charming village and many challenging runs. They had once owned a wolf hybrid that was not social at all.  They could not board him or have him interact with any other dogs, he had too much alpha instilled in him, deep inside his soul. After his death, they were determined that their next dog would be a social one for sure.

They found Kodiak, a ginger and cream colored Husky with the bluest of blue eyes. He was handsome and smart and oh so very social. He was an instant favorite at The Pooch.  The staff loved him and so did the other dogs. The bonus part was how much we adored his owners. 

They always stayed for 30 minutes or more, chatting about their plans for the future. Little did we know that years later they would buy a condo in Uruguay, the country mind you, and move too away to bring Kodiak back for boarding stays.

Kodiak began to recognize the landmarks along the way and over time he would start howling, as only a husky owner can appreciate. It is a high pitched insistent howl that never stops, never gives up, droaning on and on. His owners loved him so much, that they put up with his silliness and drove him to us every time they traveled.

We still miss Kodiak to this day with his deep blue eyes, gingerbread colors and his loving owners who now live 3,000 miles away in a condo on a beach near Montevideo.



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