Tall Tales Thursdays

A couple would bring their two dogs in for boarding about twice a year. Sophie, the small Cavalier King Charles and Kirby, the curly coated black mix were sweet and played together quietly, but not with the other dogs. They had grown up together and buddies they had remained.  

We looked outside one day and saw a familiar looking black medium sized dog racing down the street towards our front door.  Following closely behind was the owner and Sophie in the car.  The quiet, unassuming dog that never seemed thrilled about playing in groups, was so excited that he had jumped out of the car window and had run the last six blocks to The Pooch. 

We opened the door and took one look at the wide-eyed panting dog with a bright red strawberry on his chin, and burst out laughing. The owner ran through the door, as surprised as we were saying Kirby never even pulled on his leash on walks, let along do a swan dive onto the street!


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