Hissyfit Missy

Any dog owner will tell you that they have a million nicknames for their pooch.  Our little male’s name is Oscar, but I call him Oskie Meyer, Mr Magilicutty and other silly names. Will calls him Oscar, so I am the silly crazy one in this marriage.

Roxie is the tiny petite dog that weighs less than 8 pounds. I decided we should change her name to “Pippi Long Legs” or Bit**cakes (because of how mean she can be to Oskie. But guess what my favorite name for her is, when she is craning her neck about a foot out from her body, and her little black eyes are bulging out of their itty bitty little sockets. Hissyfit Missy. 

Don’t ask me where these names come from. I pull them straight out of my ***!


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