Tug the Love Bug

IMG_0828It’s funny how people are afraid of big dogs, assuming they will somehow rip your face off if you try and give them a hug around their big furry necks. The only time I was bitten during our seven years at The Pooch, was from a tiny little Chihuahua named Kaiser, or “land shark” our nickname for him.

One of the biggest dogs that ever visited us was a huge white Malamute named Tug and he was the biggest most gentle dog you will ever meet. He thought he was a tiny little puppy and would try to crawl up in everyone’s lap, an impossibility with his 150+ pound body. In reality we could have thrown a saddle on him and charged passengers for doggy rides!

His favorite pastime was dashing across the playground to greet visitors peeking in through the tall gates. The visitors would back away fearfully, as if he could reach them through that six foot fence and gate. He would stick his nose through a small opening and then begin to talk very loudly with his new friends. “Hey, come on in and play with me!  It’s so much fun here at The Pooch, you’ll love it….and you’ll love me too! Hey, hey, hey, you aren’t listening! Watch how I run around the playground getting everyone excited and barking!  Yeah!  I’ve got everyone worked up to the max!  I’m such a good dog, yes I am!”

He dwarfed everyone including the two large Huskies shown playing with him in the picture, but he was a gentle giant and would never harm the smallest of dogs or any person on earth.

He was a giant love bug.




  1. Fun post. I wrote about my yorkie today! It’s funny how “big” she thinks she is and how some big dogs think they are lap dogs! We walked in a parade once with Lexi and my cousins Great Dane. They walked side by side as the best of friends…they definitely got a lot of attention doing so! I’m sharing your post to mine 🙂


  2. I did have the misfortune of doing obedience lessons with a very aggressive malamute, who would attack other dogs and people. But in general, I agree that the bigger they are, often the safer they are. We had a pit bull mix, and she was the sweetest thing. Rescued a kitten whose Mom had abandoned it moments after birth, and brought it to us. We bottle fed the cat, and the dog would take him after he’d had his bottle, and give him a bath and snuggle with him.
    It’s just like with horses. People think ponies are safe because they’re little. But they’re usually a lot sassier and will try to nip or buck, while the big horses tend to care for their rider, especially if it’s a kid.

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    • I have two puppies that are litter mates and less than six months old. The female is about half the size of the male and she is food and treat aggressive and will practically pin the big boy to the ground and take his treat away. Needless to say there are tons of timeouts!

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