Friends Forever

Two of our favorites at The Pooch were Cody and Spartan, a mixed breed rescue from a reservation in New Mexico and a gorgeous Australian Shepherd with beautiful blue eyes that had been rescued after her owner died and needed a new owner. 

Cody had a single mom that devoted herself to him, coming home after a long day at work and playing ball for hours in the back yard. Spartan had a single mom too, who had been taking care of Spartan’s owner when he died, so she adopted the beautiful Aussie and took her hiking almost every weekend.

These two dogs were two of the most well-behaved dogs in daycare, never playing too rough and always polite to the other dogs and staff. Even though they had rough beginnings, their owners showed them love, a lot of attention and kindness, making all the difference in the lives of these dogs. They were often seen laying next to each other during playtime, away from the maddening roar. They seemed tethered together as if they knew they had something in common, neglected at first, but now they were safe and secure in their new lives.

How great is it that these two pals now have such caring and loving moms? If all rescue dogs could be so lucky. 

I love hearing about rescues, so please share a story about one that you know. 



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