Happy Puppies

My pups are on the mend after their “snip-snip” this week. The little boy has moped around all week with his cone-head on while the little girl zips around like she didn’t have an incision on her belly. The grandkids have had a sleepover with me the last two nights and they absolutely adore these pups. They carry the dogs around like rag dolls and loved sleeping with them in their reading tent the first night. Tonight everyone needed to sleep in real beds and the pups are stretched out sleeping soundly, stretching and groaning deeply. 

Every time I watch my pups or my grandkids I always think about why people can’t get along in the world. Why there is hatred and anger and intolerance of others? Why does that kick in at some point in peoples lives and start turning them into unfeeling and hateful monsters?

I wish I had the answers. I could be the first person to discover World Peace. I wish everyone was as happy as my granddaughter in the pool with her eyelash goggles that she borrowed from the lost and found basket. The blessings of grandchildren and puppies. 

Life is good.


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