More Manic Mondays

We’ve been back in Denver only two days and it’s been crazy and wild around here. Re-stocking the groceries and ordering more dog food for the pups, a bag twice as big as what they both weigh combined! The family came over Saturday for dinner and we went to a big 4th of July part on the 2nd of July….huh?

We are dashing off to the pool with the grandkids today, complete with a picnic and then another dinner with friends tomorrow night. It’s so great to be back here. I love Phoenix in the winter, but Denver is our home. 

The pups are LOVING the cooler weather. They’ve only lived here a week, back in the spring when we first adopted them in March so this is all a new big and exciting adventure. We didn’t let them wander around the house at all when they were babies, so they are in heaven playing in our patio.

They were scheduled to have their snip snip this week but we found out they are a month younger than we thought.  They were abandoned at only four weeks. How cruel was that owner to leave them in a box, not even weened from their mom? 

The good news is that they are doing fabulous and the training is really coming along. They’ve been sleeping with us since we stayed in Santa Fe last Thursday night and we love how they snuggle their tiny bodies up next to us. Roxie buries herself at the top of the bed by the headboard and gets lost in between the pillows. Oscar eventually nestles up by my feet at the opposite end.

I’m so glad someone left them in a cardboard box back in March. 
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