So God Made a Dog

There is a great video on Facebook called “So God Made a Dog,” and it is based on a poem that was written years ago, similar to the one written by Paul Harvey called “So God Made a Farmer.”  It has always reminded me of when Will and I owned Playful Pooch, our doggy daycare and boarding facility in Denver that we still miss to this very day.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

And on the 9th day God looked down on his wide eyed children and said, “They need a companion.”
So God Made a Dog.

God said, “I need someone willing to sit, then stay, then roll over, then with no ego or complaint, dress in hats they do not need and costumes they do not understand.  I need somebody who can break wind without a first and second thought.  Who can chase tails, sniff crotches, fetch sticks and lift spirits with a lick.  Somebody who no matter what you didn’t do or couldn’t do or didn’t win and couldn’t make, will love you without judgement just the same.”
So God Made a Dog.

God said, “I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds and find bombs and yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blind.  Somebody that will spend all day on a couch with a resting head and supportive eyes for the broken heart.”
So God Made a Dog.

It had to be somebody who would remain patient and loyal even through loneliness, somebody to care, cuddle, snuggle and nuzzle and cheer and charm and snore and slobber and eat the trash and chase the squirrels.  Somebody who will bring the family together with an open heart.  Somebody to bark, and then pant and then reply with a rapid wag of a tail when their best friend says, “Let’s go for a ride in the car.”
So God Made a Dog.

God said, “I need somebody who will stand by your side when the world around you collapses.  Somebody to lie next to you during the long nights of pain and sorrow, when it hurts to move, to talk or think or just to be.  Somebody to stand guard, play games, snore for hours and repeat as needed.  Somebody to give you strength when you have none of your own.  Somebody to fight when you have no fight left, to hold onto your soul as if it was their favorite toy, playing tug of war to keep you in the world.  Somebody to be your companion and guide in this world and the next.  Somebody to wait for you on the other side or stand guard in Heaven until they can join you for eternity.
So God Made a Dog.

This is dedicated to the thousands of wonderful dogs that we loved and nurtured at Playful Pooch over the years and to our own very special dogs, Mollie and Bristol.


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