About two months ago, we were back in Denver visiting with family. It had been nine long and empty months since our pals of 12 years had died, Mollie, then Bristol a short two months later. During those tender months, we sat around and watched TV, ate too much, didn’t exercise, didn’t sleep well or get with friends. Our only highlight of the week was getting together with our family and sweet little grandkids who washed away the pain temporarily.

For those of you that have experienced the death of a beloved pet, you’ll understand the depth of the suffering we experienced, the searing grief that consumed our every waking moment. It was especially hard for us since we had sold our business, Playful Pooch, just two years earlier. We didn’t realize how much we would grieve over the loss of not seeing our pals from there every day.

I was on Facebook early one morning, unable to sleep.  Our Denver veterinarian and friend had posted pictures of two puppies sitting in a box, along with her young daughter. Someone had abandoned them in Quebec Square, a shopping center nearby. A kind person had brought the box of little fluff balls in and Jen took them in, no questions asked, and promptly started looking for a good home for these little orphans.

I responded immediately and said we wanted one of them. I shared the pictures with Will and our family that was visiting. The family couldn’t wait to go see them, but Will was still grieving over our loss from last year and wasn’t sure if he was ready for a new puppy.

We drove to Northside Veterinary Hospital and took one look and we were in love.  At only three and four pounds at eight weeks old, these were the cutest puppies we had ever seen.  It was love at first sight. The look of sheer joy on Will’s face told me we had to adopt this brother and sister duo.  These two little puppies needed us.

Our lives turned around on a dime.  Instantly we were buying new itsy bitsy harnesses and leashes, puppy food, treats and toys. The grandkids were in awe, these pups were smaller than some of Maggie’s stuffed animals. We had a purpose in life once again, someone to take care of and watch over.

After losing a pet, people often say, never again, I’ll never get another dog, it hurts too much to lose them. I believe it hurts too much to live without them. We will always be thankful to Jen and Shelly who helped us say goodbye to Bristol, but brought joy back into our lives by rescuing Roxie and Oscar.




    • We aren’t sure. Someone abandoned them in a cardboard box at less than 8 weeks and our vet placed their picture in Facebook. We went in for one and came out with two! Just sent away for DNA results. They must have had two daddies for sure. I’ll enlarge their photos!


  1. What a great connection! A direct result of your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you! Yes, dogs have been, for a couple of hundred thousand years, the most precious and valuable companions for humans. Indeed, there is good evidence to support the notion that without dogs modern man may not have evolved in the way that we did.

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  2. Aww, what a sweet, happy ending story. Sorry for the loss of your loyal fur-iends, but thrilled you’ve allowed a new spot in your heart to be occupied once again. And thank you for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow. We ❤︎ visitors, especially those who had some Denver roots.


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